US Stocks

Since the Great Financial Crisis, US stocks have been on a dream run.

It seems like we hit a new record high every day.

Why? Well that’s our goal – to better understand the forces that drive the market. And more importantly, to uncover how it will affect investors like you.

The Real Reasons Stocks Go Up

Word on the street yesterday was that stocks were going up to record highs ‘on earnings.’ The casual listener was invited to believe that corporate America was earning more money; … Read More

Crash Alert

The next recession is coming fast. And based on the early data I have, it looks like the Doom Index will hit ‘8’ in our official reading this quarter.

Lyft: The Limping Unicorn

I can’t point to Lyft’s stock falling to a reasonable valuation…because there is no reasonable valuation for the new wave of tech unicorns! But let’s see how Lyft would stack up if we were to…

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