Taylor Kee

Taylor Kee is the lead Editor at Money Morning NZ. With a background in the financial publishing industry, Taylor knows how simple, yet difficult investing can be. He has worked with a range of assets classes, and with some of the world’s most thought-provoking financial writers, including Bill Bonner, Dan Denning, Doug Casey, and more. But he’s found his niche in macroeconomics and the excitement of technology investments. And Taylor is looking forward to the opportunity to share his thoughts on where New Zealand’s economy is going next and the opportunities it presents. Taylor shares these ideas with Money Morning NZ readers each day.

Lyft: The Limping Unicorn

I can’t point to Lyft’s stock falling to a reasonable valuation…because there is no reasonable valuation for the new wave of tech unicorns! But let’s see how Lyft would stack up if we were to…

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